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LightCounting Reports Active Optical Cable Market to Grow to $192 Million by 2013

EUGENE, Oregon – (December 21, 2009)

The AOC market will predominantly use InfiniBand to interconnect supercomputer systems through 2012, according to the AOC report by LightCounting LLC, the premier opto-electronic transceiver market research company. Other commercial protocols, such as GigE, SAS, Fibre Channel, and PCI Express, will not reach significant volumes until 2012. By 2013, the AOC segment will grow to $192 million, achieving 38.5% CAGR, with revenues split nearly evenly between higher volume 4-channel format and the higher priced 12-channel format. Consumer electronics interconnects, including optical versions of HDMI, DisplayPort, USB and Intel's LightPeak, are not likely to achieve notable volumes until 2012.

"AOCs are positioned to become a disruptive force in telecommunications and datacom transceiver markets in the near future," said Brad Smith, Senior Vice President and Lead Analyst, LightCounting. "New manufacturing and device technologies developed in the AOC segment will spread beyond to other traditional transceivers products, enabling lower costs, increased features and performance, and AOCs will expand market opportunities for transceiver vendors by opening up new markets currently served by copper interconnects."

"Given the growing significance of the AOC market and the need to address the sometimes overblown claims circulating in the media regarding the impact of this segment on the wider market, we have chosen to add AOCs to our forecast," said Vlad Kozlov, CEO and Founder, LightCounting. "Until the systems infrastructure has been created and the basic need to transfer information at speeds greater than 10 Gbps appears, however, AOCs will remain the purview of InfiniBand interconnecting supercomputers."

The AOC Report analyzes the profiles of key vendors, the forces driving AOC development, and the current statistics for AOC implementation and sales, with a forecast through 2013, broken out by 4-channel and 12-channel data rates. The AOC Report is available now.


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LightCounting is the premier optical transceiver market research company, offering transceiver market survey results and forecasts based on confidential and detailed data provided by more than 20 leading transceiver vendors. LightCounting’s reports enable business executives, engineering, manufacturing, and sales/marketing professionals to plan business strategies using objective market information rather than speculative assumptions. Providing Semiannual Transceiver Sales Reports and Market Forecast Updates with Annual State of the Industry Reports and Technology Reviews, LightCounting is the optical transceiver market’s information source. Privately held, LightCounting is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, with additional offices in Silicon Valley and Israel. For more information, visit the Company’s website or call 408.962.4851.

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