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NEW!! Next Generation Access Optics

November 2018 $5,000




 Next Generation Access Optics was originally published as two separate reports, one on FTTx optics in July
2014, the other on Mobile Fronthaul Optics in November of 2015. Since 2016, the two subjects have been
addressed in one report because the convergence of wireless fronthaul and residential broadband access
networks seems likely, due to the continued growth in Internet traffic, the advent of the Internet of Things,
and the development of 5G mobile technology.

Mobile fronthaul has been a fast growing segment of the optical modules market, driven by the deployment
of high capacity 4G mobile networks. ‘Fiber-to-the-X’ is a key enabler of today’s high-speed Internet, and
advanced broadband networks are considered essential infrastructure to support future economic growth.
In 2017, these two applications consumed 95 million optical devices, worth more than $1.3 billion in
revenue to components makers.

This report gives our outlook on future optical access networks, including architectures, service provider
deployment strategies and trends, component requirements, and the products needed. Tutorials on mobile
fronthaul, FTTx, and cable TV networks are included as well. A detailed Excel spreadsheet accompanies the
report, providing a five-year forecast of fronthaul and FTTx optics shipments, prices, and revenues, broken
down by speeds, reaches, and colors.

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