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NEW!! Optical Communications Market Forecast: (October 2019)

 Abstract: This report provides a detailed market demand forecast through 2024 for optical components and modules used in Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH, CWDM/DWDM, wireless infrastructure, FTTx, and high - performance computing (HPC) applications. More information »


High Speed Ethernet Optics (September 2019)

This reported is focused on markets and technologies for Ethernet Optical transceivers, used in Data center, Enterprise and Telecom applications. It will include the latest shipment data and a forecast for more than 50 types of Ethernet transceivers segmented by speed.  More information

Quarterly Market Update Report (September 2019)

 Abstract: LightCounting's Quarter Market Update reports are designed to provide an easy-to-digest snapshot of optical transceiver growth trends, backed up with detailed quarter-by-quarter sales data collected via LightCounting's proprietary vendor survey. ... More information »

Mega Datacenter Optics (July 2019)

 Abstract: This report analyzes the impact of Mega Datacenters on the market for Ethernet optical transceivers and DWDM optics.  It leverages extensive historical data on shipments of Ethernet and DWDM interface modules combined with market analyst research to make projections for sales of these products in 2019-2024 ... More information »


State of the Industry Report: Optics Remain the Weakest Link in the Industry Supply Chain (May 2019)

 Abstract: This report provides a holistic analysis of the global communications industry, and the factors affecting profitability at each level of the value chain. It examines the profitability and long-term strategies of traditional telecom service providers ...More information »


Integrated Optical Devices (May 2019)

 Abstract: The potential impact of photonic integration on the optical communications market has captivated the imagination of the industry for the last two decadesMore information »

Market for PAM4 and Coherent DSPs (February 2019)

This report analyses the market for semiconductor IC chipsets used in optical transceivers and related products. The chipsets include laser drivers, CDRs, TIAs and in some cases FEC, PAM4 and coherent DSP ICs.

...More Information


Market for Optics in China (January 2019)

 Abstract: Demand for optics from Chinese service providers surprised the industry in 2010-2018. It started with massive deployments of FTTx systems and continued with optical fronthaul in the access markets...More information »


Active Optical Cables and Embedded Optical Modules (December 2018)

 Abstract: This two-part report examines the optical interconnect segments that have long served as data bridges between elements of large systems or cluster...More information »


Next Generation Access Optics (November 2018)

Abstract: Mobile fronthaul has been a fast growing segment of the optical modules market, driven by the "deployment of high capacity 4G mobile networks. 'Fiber-to-the-X' is a key enabler of today's ... More information »


New Market for VCSEL Arrays in 3D Depth Sensing in Smartphones (October 2018)

This report analyzes the new business opportunity for suppliers of vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays for applications in 3D depth sensing for smartphone applications. It reviews different 3D......More information

The Cloud Report (June 2018)

 Abstract: This LightCounting report focuses on the changing marketplace facing the communications service
providers (CSPs) and the impact of their adoption of cloud services and technologies. The term cloud
signifies the practice of using servers, switching, storage and networking to offer ... More information »





















LightCounting Archived News

Mobile fronthaul transceiver market to grow - and change - over the next five years

Global sales of optical components and modules should hold steady for the rest of the year, after reaching new heights in Q2 2014

Optical Transceiver Market Set a New Record in Q2 2014 While Ethernet Goes slower to go Faster

The Industry Supply Chain Can Hardly Keep Up with the Strong Demand for Optics in 2014. Should We Expect This to Continue in 2015-2018?

Wide Deployments of 100G DWDM Ports Put More Pressure on Optical Component and Module Pricing

Can optical component and module suppliers maintain profitability in 2014-2015?

Early Success of 40GbE in Datacenters Fuels Speculation About the 100GbE Market Opportunity

China is Just Like Quantum Mechanics: If You Think You Understand it You Probably Do Not

Are Datacenter Operators Getting Carried Away with the Excitement of 100GigE Connectivity?

Sales of Optical Transceivers for Applications in Wireless Infrastructure Will Exceed $500 Million in 2014

April 10, 2014

Sales of Intra-System Optical Interconnects to Exceed $260 Million by 2019

Reflections on OFC 2014: The Industry is Approaching a Critical Junction

Is the New Internet Economy Ready to Pay for Optics?

Global Market for Optical Components and Modules; 2013 Results and Expectations for 2014

Research Notes from IEEE 802.3 Standards Meeting and Supercomputing 2013

The Perfect Storm at Cisco: Is it a Signal of the Global Economic Climate Change?

Are Network Operators Overinvesting in 100G Networks?

Shipments of 10 GigE Optical Transceivers are on Target to Reach 10 Million Units in 2013

Why the West Rules - For Now

Higher Speed Ethernet is Taking Off, Isn't It?

The Wild East of the Telecom Market

Has a Recovery in the Telecom Market Begun?

Sales of Active Optical Cables are Projected to Increase by 30% in 2013

Steady Numbers Mask Big Changes in the Optical Component and Module Market

OFC/NFOEC Review: News From the Show Floor

Scaling the "Data Tsunami" and Market Opportunity for Optical Interconnects in Data Centers

Is Silicon Photonics Real?

The Optical Networking Industry will reach new highs in 2013-2017 and may surprise investors with profitability

Competition in the global communications market intensified in 2012, as vendors guard their market shares, planning for growth in 2013-2017

Technology is Moving Ahead Despite Global Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Price Wars

40G and 100G in the Data Center

New PCI Express System Interconnect 4x8G OCuLink - Impact on High-speed Interconnects?

Projecting Market Growth Through Periods of Uncertainty: Do Not Give up on the Optical Networking Industry

Does success of Baidu, Facebook, and Google mean better days ahead for the global optical communications industry?

Embedded Optical Modules--Not Your Grandfather's Transceiver

Intel Buys Cray's Interconnect Business Unit - Why?

Demand for Optical Component and Modules Weak in Early 2012 But Likely to Improve in the Rest of the Year

Sumitomo Electric Buys EMCORE Data Center Centric, Optical Product Line for $17 million

Oclaro and Opnext Merge. Who is Next?

Notes from OFC 2012: Onset of the Terabit Age

Silicon Photonics Action: Kotura Announces 4X25G QSFP Engine; Cisco Buys Lightwire...

Active Optical Cables Target All Corners of High-Speed Interconnect Market

CES Madness - Get Ready for the Consumer Bandwidth Tsunami

Tested by an Earthquake and a Flood in 2011, the Industry is Poised to Navigate Well Through Macroeconomic Uncertainty in 2012-2015

SC11 Wrap Up: Japan takes the HPC lead; FDR Takes the Spotlight

Flood in Thailand Will Reshape the Landscape of the Global Optical Components

State of the High Speed Interconnect Industry - Optical and Copper Webinar

10Gb iSCSI and FCoE Will Not Strongly Challenge Fibre Channel for Years

Market for optical component and modules maintains momentum for growth despite a slow start in early 2011

Will echoes of the dot-com bubble resonate through the industry supply chain?

The Global optical communication industry is on a path to sustainable profitability

Sales of Optical Transceivers Declined 5% in Q1 2011 after Setting a New Record in Q4 2010

Growth in Sales of 40G and 100G products continues despite the market slowdown.

A Look Inside TIA 2011

Interop Report: 10GBASE-T, 10G SFP+, 40G QSFP shows big with new switches

Because Fibre Channel is Tied to Structured Data, Will it Miss Out on Web/Cloud Storage Growth?

Growth in sales of Active Optical Cables continues for the InfiniBand HPC application, and it is now spreading to the Ethernet market as applications in ...

Optical communications industry is well positioned for growth in 2011-2015, despite near term uncertainty

LIghtCounting hosts OFC2011 dinner and OFC market watch panel

Global optical communications market enters 2011 with a strong momentum

Optical components and systems companies stock - back from a very dark place

Market for Optical Transceivers increased by 30% last year, Entering 2011 with a Good Momentum

LightCounting Forecasts over 300% CAGR for 10GBASE-T Port Shipments from 2009 to 2014

Latest Developments in AOC and 10GBASE-T Markets


Sales of Optical Transceivers Set a New Record in Q3 2010

Notes and News from New Orleans Supercomputing Show

China's Impact on the Global Optical Communications Industry

LightPeak, USB 3.0 and PCI Express 3.0 Announcements at IDF

Global Optical Communication Market Continues Recovery

Looking Beyond the Period of "Unusual Uncertainty"

40 Gbps-Good for Headlines, Not so Much for Profit

HP's New Server and Virtual Connect Announcements Energize Transceiver Market

Cisco Reshapes the 40Gbps and 100Gbps Market Landscape

There is a clear opportunity for optical interfaces to capture the bulk 10GigE ports deployed in the next 10 years.

Back to the Future: The Optical Communications Industry Reaches for a Taste of 1999

Global Optical Transceiver Market Continues Recovery

LightCounting LightTrends: 10 Gbps optics needs more market awareness!

Optical Transceiver Recovery Underway

LightCounting Reports Active Optical Cable Market to Grow to $192 Million by 2013

Should We Just Let the Internet Break?

LightCounting LightTrends: 40G and 120G active optical cables popular in HPCs will likely spread to the data center.

LightCounting Market Update - 40 Gigabit Ethernet Surges Ahead

Dr. Kozlov discusses the State of the Optical Communications Industry 10 Years After the Internet Bubble at IGI's Webinar Series Tuesday - Postponed

LightCounting Forecasts Global Sales of Optical Transceivers to Exceed $2 Billion in 2009

Avago Technologies Limited Prices Initial Public Offering

Data Center of the Future

The 40G/100G Network Technology and Implementation LightWave Webcast

AOC Key Advantages and AOC Market Prognosis "A lot can happen in 5 minutes" a LightSpeed blog series

Who Makes What: 40- & 100-Gbit/s Systems, LightReading

OFDM Promises 100-Gbps Alternative, Lightwave Technology Trends

LightCounting Reports First Quarter 2009 Closes at $442 Million in Sales

Opnext Ships Its One Millionth 10G Transceiver; Sets New Industry Milestone

LightCounting Analyzes New Opto-electronic Technologies Needed To Meet Bandwidth Demand Over The Next Decade

LightCounting Appoints New Senior Vice President To Lead Expanded Company Offerings

Optical Transceiver Industry Well Positioned To Weather Recession

LightCounting Reports OC-192 DWDM And Sonet/SDH Sales Drive Optical Transceiver Industry in Third Quarter - LightCounting: optical transceiver market ends record 2008

LightWave - LightCounting: Ethernet, FTTx to drive transceiver market

LightWave - Transceiver market set records in '08, braced for uncertain '09

Marketwire - LightCounting Forecasts 37% CAGR for 10-GigE Optical Transceiver Shipments in 2008-2011

LightCounting Forecasts 37% CAGR For 10-Gige Optical Transceiver Shipments In 2008-2011

LightCounting Reports Strong Optical Transceiver Sales Spurred by Rise of SFP+

LightCounting Reports Transceiver Industry Needs Further Consolidation

Global transceiver sales will continue to grow steadily at 7 percent CAGR—reaching $2.8 billion in 2011

GII Express - "System vendors are experiencing severe price pressures as network traffic continues to grow"...

Optical Transceiver Market Expected To Surpass $2.8 Billion In 2010

Opnext Conference Call: They agree with LightCounting that 40G market is emerging quickly.

As for the optical transceiver market of 1,500,000,000 dollar when you can expect growth, LightCounting, Global Information Inc. Press Release

100-Gbit Networks On The Horizon

LightCounting report says global Q1-2007 transceiver market declined, after seven quarters of increasing sales

LightCounting says $1.5 billion optical transceiver industry well-positioned for growth

100-Gig Chases 40-Gig

Finisar Sets Industry Record: Ships 10 Million Transceivers/Transponders in 2006

LightCounting POST OFC NFOEC Wrap Up: Calm Masks Uncertainty

Finisar corporate overview

JDSU to buy Picolight in cash and stock deal

Optical Module Vendor Opnext's IPO Looks Attractive - Barron's

LightCounting says 10 Gbps adoption and FTTx deployments are driving optical transceiver growth

Cisco 10Gig Ethernet Powerpoint Presentation ~ Slide 9

Sanders Morris Harris Investment Conference ~ Slides 12 and 13

Finisar 2006 Annual Investor Report ~ pages 14 and 17

Competition heightens in the tunable laser market

Optical integration moves back onto the agenda