Chinese industry associations prioritize domestic development of 100GbE and 400GbE optics

LightCounting offers a translation of a section on optical communication devices from the China Optoelectronic Devices Industrial Technology Roadmap for 2018-2022


This roadmap released last week quotes General Secretary Xi Jinping stating in his speech at the latest congress of the Chinese Communist Party: “If the core components are heavily dependent on foreign countries, the ' Life gate ' of the supply chain is in the hands of others. It is like building a house on someone else’s foundation. (It will be) a fragile (situation).” Text in brackets is added by LightCounting.

The document acknowledges that the market for high-end devices is dominated by Western suppliers and “the gap between us and foreign countries is gradually expanding”. “Limited self-sufficiency of high-end chip devices has become the bottleneck of Chinese system equipment manufacturers and the bottleneck needs to be broken.”

It also correctly points out that “Compared with the equipment, optical fiber and cable market, the field of optical communication devices is still in full competition era, ... resulting in many manufacturers, … market share is relatively dispersed,” but the document does not explicitly suggest that it is overdue for restructuring and Chinese companies may take a lead in the process.

Among the goals are “Foster leading enterprises, in core technology development, standard-setting and other aspects of the industry to become bigger and stronger. Cultivate new small and medium-sized enterprises with original core technology and independent intellectual property rights.”

The roadmap priorities the development of domestically manufactured optoelectronic chips, including laser and detector chips as well as photonic integrated circuits. The focus on 100GbE and 400GbE optics is justified by the increasing demand for these components in datacenters in China.

LightCounting reported extensively on these trends in the past. Lightwave Magazine ranked two of LightCounting’s newsletters as the #1 and #2 on their list of TOP 5 stories of 2017:

Our first report of 2018 will offer an in-depth look at the market for optics in China: This report will be released on January 31st, 2018. In the meantime LightCounting clients can download an unofficial English interpretation of the most relevant highlights from the China Optoelectronic Devices Industrial Technology Roadmap for 2018-2022 at:





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