“Suspense” is how to describe the atmosphere at ECOC 2015



LightCounting Research Notes from ECOC 2015


The “Suspense” hanging in the air at ECOC 2015 was three-dimensional:

  1. The sale of Avago’s optical business to Foxconn has been a poorly kept secret of the industry since August. Neither one of the companies released an official announcement of the deal and being at ECOC has not brought any more clarity to the situation. We may have to wait until the transaction is completed in early November to get the details. LightCounting published a research note last week, analyzing Foxconn/Avago deal and other recent acquisitions:

    2. 100GbE QSFP28 modules are not yet shipping in volume and we may have to wait until the second half of 2016 for Amazon or Google or Microsoft to sign up for the first large shipments. Several vendors have been sampling these transceivers since early 2015, but qualifications are taking longer than expected. Customers may be giving extra time to new suppliers and technologies to prove themselves.

    3. Indeed, this is the time for Silicon Photonics to start delivering on the expectations. LightCounting was invited to give a presentation on this subject at ECOC Market Watch. Please email to request a copy of the presentation.

Figure 1: Summary of the recent investments into and acquisitions of Silicon Photonics start-ups (shown in blue). LightCounting forecast for sales of optical transceivers based on this technology (shown in green).

Source: LightCounting Market Research.

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