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NEW! 3D Depth Sensing in Smartphones: Hype or Hip?

Coming in September 2018 - $5,000




Three-dimensional (3D) sensing is generating excitement among suppliers of GaAs-based VCSELs. The excitement started in fall 2017 when Apple unveiled the iPhone X which uses 3D sensing to power its facial recognition feature (Face ID). 3D sensing has also seen increasing interest from other smartphone manufacturers - Xiaomi has unveiled the first Android phone with 3D sensing, and Huawei and Samsung are expected to follow suit by the end 2018. Vendors in consumer markets including home appliances and digital assistants, robots and drones, augmented/virtual reality peripherals, gaming consoles and autonomous vehicles have also been evaluating this technology.

The question remains, is all the exuberance for 3D sensing rational? A previous use of 3D sensing - in the Kinect controller for Microsoft’s Xbox - did well for a while, but eventually failed for reasons both technical and market-related. Will we see similar market dynamics with 3D sensing in smartphones? These and many other questions are addressed in this study which will discuss Apple and their vendors’ big bet on 3D sensing, Apple’s current lead over Android smartphone vendors - as well as the market drivers, ecosystem, industry challenges, technologies, and specifications. It will also include a five-year forecast for the number of VCSELs and VCSEL arrays sold worldwide, as well as their revenues.


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