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The Active Optical Cable Market Analysis & Forecast Report

February 2012 - $5,000


This report examines the rapidly emerging product segment that embeds optical transceiver technologies into enclosed cables that hide the high-speed optics behind two transceiver ends with an electrical interconnect on the outside. This factor enables creating very high speed and high aggregate data rate links at costs significantly below that of two separate connectorized transceivers and fibers.

This report presents data on annual AOC shipments, revenues, average selling prices for 2007-2011 and forecasts the market for 2012-2016. It analyses technologies, market trends, protocol transitions, data rates, MSAs for InfiniBand and Ethernet protocols as well as potential applications of AOCs in disk and SSD storage, GPU clusters, and board-level interconnects using SAS and PCI Express AOCs. Lastly, future Wave Division Multiplexing AOCs are examined from silicon photonics companies for 2013 that promise 100Gin a QSFP formate and scalable to 1.6T per AOC in the future with enough aggregate bandwidth to uplink an enture server rack or router.

Additional analysis and forecast is included for the emerging Video and Consumer AOC segment using HDMI, DisplayPort and USB. Lastly, analysis of the embedded AOC segment with embedded DisplayPort and MIPI protocols.

The report is based on confidential sales information and detailed analysis of publicly available data released by leading component and equipment manufacturers.

Total report length: 152 Pages Includes an Excel Database.

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