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Our Analyst Team

Vladimir Kozlov: Founder and CEO

John Lively: Principal Analyst

Dale Murray: Principal Analyst

Rebecca Andersen: Executive Director of Research

George Stojsavljevic: Business Development and Account Management

Renee Isley: Vice President, Operations, Analyst

James Kisner: Principal Analyst and Managing Director, Financial Services Business Development

Pauline Rigby: Consultant

Roy Rubenstein: Consultant





Latest Reports

NEW!! Optical Communications Market Forecast: (October 2019)

 Abstract: This report provides a detailed market demand forecast through 2024 for optical components and modules used in Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH, CWDM/DWDM, wireless infrastructure, FTTx, and high - performance computing (HPC) applications. More information »


High Speed Ethernet Optics (September 2019)

This reported is focused on markets and technologies for Ethernet Optical transceivers, used in Data center, Enterprise and Telecom applications. It will include the latest shipment data and a forecast for more than 50 types of Ethernet transceivers segmented by speed.  More information

Quarterly Market Update Report (September 2019)

 Abstract: LightCounting's Quarter Market Update reports are designed to provide an easy-to-digest snapshot of optical transceiver growth trends, backed up with detailed quarter-by-quarter sales data collected via LightCounting's proprietary vendor survey. ... More information »

Mega Datacenter Optics (July 2019)

 Abstract: This report analyzes the impact of Mega Datacenters on the market for Ethernet optical transceivers and DWDM optics.  It leverages extensive historical data on shipments of Ethernet and DWDM interface modules combined with market analyst research to make projections for sales of these products in 2019-2024 ... More information »


State of the Industry Report: Optics Remain the Weakest Link in the Industry Supply Chain (May 2019)

 Abstract: This report provides a holistic analysis of the global communications industry, and the factors affecting profitability at each level of the value chain. It examines the profitability and long-term strategies of traditional telecom service providers ...More information »


Integrated Optical Devices (May 2019)

 Abstract: The potential impact of photonic integration on the optical communications market has captivated the imagination of the industry for the last two decadesMore information »

Market for PAM4 and Coherent DSPs (February 2019)

This report analyses the market for semiconductor IC chipsets used in optical transceivers and related products. The chipsets include laser drivers, CDRs, TIAs and in some cases FEC, PAM4 and coherent DSP ICs.

...More Information


Market for Optics in China (January 2019)

 Abstract: Demand for optics from Chinese service providers surprised the industry in 2010-2018. It started with massive deployments of FTTx systems and continued with optical fronthaul in the access markets...More information »


Active Optical Cables and Embedded Optical Modules (December 2018)

 Abstract: This two-part report examines the optical interconnect segments that have long served as data bridges between elements of large systems or cluster...More information »


Next Generation Access Optics (November 2018)

Abstract: Mobile fronthaul has been a fast growing segment of the optical modules market, driven by the "deployment of high capacity 4G mobile networks. 'Fiber-to-the-X' is a key enabler of today's ... More information »


New Market for VCSEL Arrays in 3D Depth Sensing in Smartphones (October 2018)

This report analyzes the new business opportunity for suppliers of vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays for applications in 3D depth sensing for smartphone applications. It reviews different 3D......More information

The Cloud Report (June 2018)

 Abstract: This LightCounting report focuses on the changing marketplace facing the communications service
providers (CSPs) and the impact of their adoption of cloud services and technologies. The term cloud
signifies the practice of using servers, switching, storage and networking to offer ... More information »





















The LightCounting team offers custom consulting services tailored to the specific needs of each client when additional analysis beyond the numbers is required. Maybe you are contemplating launching a new product, expanding into a new geographic market, business or market segment, or planning for a new product launch... we can help.

As data speed continue to increase past 40G and 100Gbps, physics dictate eventually all high-speed interconnects transitioning to optical technologies that interconnects chips or systems. We focus on the markets, products, and technologies at the boundary-line tension of the "Optical/Electronic border " specifically in the area of High-Speed Systems Interconnects (HSSI).

This includes transceivers and interconnects in: Sonet/SDH, GbE, FTTH, Infiniband, Fiber Channel, CWDM/DWDM, serial and parallel optics, active cables, silicon photonics, optical manufacturing and 10GBASE-T.

Our domain experience and expertise spans optical communications systems, optical components, communications semiconductors. Our team has several PhDs and senior executives collectively with over 45 years industry experience at start-ups to major companies in optical and semiconductor communications and over 35 years of experience in market research and consulting.

LightCounting's clients include nearly every company in these product spaces form start-up to major companies such as:

LightCounting offers four types of consulting research:

  • Custom forecasts and market sizing
  • Strategic and product consulting
  • Primary research and surveys
  • Client engagement days

Typical consulting engagement may include:

  • Market and segment analysis, sizing and forecasting
  • Custom cut or modification to a forecast or market size
  • New product analysis, messaging, pre-announcement, and new product launches
  • Strategic analysis & planning
  • Market, product, and competitive analysis
  • Manufacturing strategies
  • Strategic partnership strategies
  • Providing independent industry analyst perspectives for internal management or customer road shows and marketing material
  • Providing technical and market due diligence to investment firms evaluating investments
  • Merger and acquisition analysis, due diligence and strategy planning
  • Create custom "White papers" and "Position Papers" analyzing specific products, market segments or technologies
  • Customer or market survey
  • On-site analyst days to present to your executive team or sales force

To start a project, we jointly formulate a Statement-of-Work that outlines what you want and details of what LightCounting will provide. LightCounting then submits a proposal, time-line of deliverables and pricing. Upon receipt of 50% of the project value, the LightCounting team will start. Regular phone conversations and updates are encouraged throughout the project as the more interactive the project is the more likely of success.