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NEW!! New Market for VCSEL Arrays in 3D Depth Sensing in Smartphones (October 2018)

This report analyzes the new business opportunity for suppliers of vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays for applications in 3D depth sensing for smartphone applications. It reviews different 3D......More information

NEW!! High Speed Ethernet Optics (October 2018)

This reported is focused on markets and technologies for Ethernet Optical transceivers, used in Data center, Enterprise and Telecom applications. It will include the latest shipment data and a forecast for more than 50 types of Ethernet transceivers segmented by speed.  More information

Quarterly Market Update Report (September 2018)

 Abstract: LightCounting's Quarter Market Update reports are designed to provide an easy-to-digest snapshot of optical transceiver growth trends, backed up with detailed quarter-by-quarter sales data collected via LightCounting's proprietary vendor survey. ... More information »

Mega Datacenter Optics (June 2018)

 Abstract: This report analyzes the impact of Mega Datacenters on the market for Ethernet optical transceivers and DWDM optics.  It leverages extensive historical data on shipments of Ethernet and DWDM interface modules combined with market analyst research to make projections for sales of these products in 2017-2022 ... More information »


The Cloud Report (June 2018)

 Abstract: This LightCounting report focuses on the changing marketplace facing the communications service
providers (CSPs) and the impact of their adoption of cloud services and technologies. The term cloud
signifies the practice of using servers, switching, storage and networking to offer ... More information »

State of the Industry Report: Can New Higher Profit Levels be Sustained? (May 2018)

 Abstract: This report provides a holistic analysis of the global communications industry, and the factors affecting profitability at each level of the value chain. It examines the profitability and long-term strategies of traditional telecom service providers ...More information »


Integrated Optical Devices (May 2018)

 Abstract: The potential impact of photonic integration on the optical communications market has captivated the imagination of the industry for the last two decadesMore information »

Optical Communications Market Forecast: (April 2018)

 Abstract: This report provides a detailed market demand forecast through 2023 for optical components and modules used in Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH, CWDM/DWDM, wireless infrastructure, FTTx, and high - performance computing (HPC) applications. More information »


Market for Optics in China (January 2018)

 Abstract: Demand for optics from Chinese service providers surprised the industry in 2010-2017. It started with massive deployments of FTTx systems and continued with optical fronthaul in the access markets...More information »


Active Optical Cables and Embedded Optical Modules (December 2017)

 Abstract: This two-part report examines the optical interconnect segments that have long served as data bridges between elements of large systems or cluster...More information »


Next Generation Access Optics (November 2017)

Abstract: Mobile fronthaul has been a fast growing segment of the optical modules market, driven by the "deployment of high capacity 4G mobile networks. 'Fiber-to-the-X' is a key enabler of today's ... More information »


















LightCounting News

Optical Transceiver Market is Growing Despite a few Localized Headwinds

Sizing the second wave in global deployments of wireless fronthaul and FTTx optics

Fixed Networks Want Some 5G Action

II-VI and Finisar: A Merger of Equals

Global Market for Optical Components and Modules is Overdue for Growth

Staying on the Right Side of Change

3D depth sensing in smartphones puts VCSEL arrays into spotlight

Steady Progress but no Surprises at ECOC 2018

The race to higher speed optical transceivers is starting to feel like a marathon

Sales of optical transceivers increased in Q2 2018 despite the ZTE shutdown

An Eventful Week for the End of July: Infinira Acquires Coriant as ZTE Goes Back to Work

Do All Roads Lead to Copackaging of Optics and ASICs

Top 5 Cloud Companies Dominate Ethernet Market

Cloud transformation is a major opportunity and a huge challenge for service providers and their suppliers.

3D Depth Sensing in Smartphones: Hype or Hip?

Assessing the Damage of ZTE Ban

Ciena Presents a Coherent Vision of the Company's Future

Optical component vendor profits moving toward parity with rest of the supply chain.

2017 was good for Silicon Photonics and fantastic for integrated InP and GaAs optics.

Scaling up production of photonic integrated circuits

Demand for optics in the cloud will lead the market’s growth in 2018-2023

The Global Communications Market is on the Brink of a Trade War

Open Networks move closer to wide deployment at OFC 2018

Demanding cloud datacenter customers push suppliers to their limits

2017 Was a Record Year, Why Doesn't it Feel Like it?

Is This the Right Time for Optical Companies to Invest?

China Optics Market to Double in 5 years, Driven By 100GbE

Chinese industry associations prioritize domestic development of 100GbE and 400GbE optics

New Architectures and Fabrics Bring New Opportunities for AOCs and EOMs

No Surprises in Q3 2017 Optical Communications Market

Access Optics Market Poised for Recovery

Fiber Optics and Photonics in Aerospace and Automobile Platforms

Optics in Cable TV Networks

Despite a year of no revenue growth, the sky is not falling

Ciena - A Western Alternative to Huawei and ZTE

Mobile Fronthaul in the 5G Era

Cloud Datacenters Continue to Surprise the Industry

Charting the Path to 400GbE in Shenzhen and Gothenberg

Market for Optics Returns to Growth After a Slow Start of the Year

Where Will VCSELs Shine Next?

Google offers alternative to ITU-T and IEEE NG PON

Will Pluggable Optical Modules Become Obsolete?

Evolution of Mega Datacenters into Metro-Regional Clusters Boosts Demand for DWDM Optics

Sales of 100GbE QSFP28 transceivers exceeded $250 million in Q1 2017, but weak demand for optics in China continues to puzzle suppliers

Optical component profits up significantly in 2016, but is it sustainable?

Free Spirit of Technology Fills in the OpenStack Summit

Growth in the Ethernet Market is Vital for Success of Silicon Photonics

Chasing the Ethernet Market’s Growth, as It Continues to Exceed Expectations

Is Demand for Optics Cooling Off in Q1 2017?

Networking hardware is taken for granted at MWC 2017, as new applications and services dominate the event

How Cloud Technologies Are Reshaping Telecom Networks

Sales of 100GbE Optical Transceivers Exceeded $1.1 Billion in 2016

Impact of the Trump Presidency on the Global Telecom Industry

Silicon Photonics Sets a New Record in 2016

Active Optical Cables Continue to Ramp While Embedded Optical Module Road Still Bumpy

100GbE Drives OC Vendors Revenue to Another Record in Q3 2016

Despite modest growth, sales of FTTx and wireless infrastructure optics will total almost $10 billion over the next 5 years

Will 200GbE be the Real Successor to 100GbE?

Demand for Optics in China and Cloud Datacenters Will Sustain the Market Growth in 2017-2021

The Roses are Red but the White Boxes are Blue in California

Success of Silicon Photonics Accelerates Progress Across a Wide Range of Optical Component Technologies

100GbE Optics is Starting to Light Up Cloud Data Centers, Setting Up Very High Expectations for 2017

OC Vendor Revenues Hit New Highs in Q2 2016. Will the Growth Continue?

100G Optical Modules for Data Centers? Let us count the ways.

Notes on Nice

The Optical Backplane is Finally Here

Demand for Optics in China Continue to Surprise

Optical Module Development to Diversity Further

Infrastructure Spending of the Cloud Companies Sets a New Record and Deployments of 100GbE Optics in Mega Data Centers Pick up Steam.

Sales of 100G Telecom Optics are off to a Strong Start in 2016

Profitability of the Optical Component Business Improved Last Year and It May Set a New Record in 2016

Market Growth Hinges on the Adoption of Next Generation Technologies

OFC 2016: Key Trends and Hot Topics

High Speed Ethernet is High up in the Cloud

Telecom brightened the optical components market in Q4 2015, but growth in 2016 will largely depend on Datacom/Cloud customers

New broadband access products and deployment strategies provided for a touch of reality at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, which was captivated by virtual reality demos.

Amazon, Google and Microsoft send waves across the Ethernet market

A New Intersection Point on the Ethernet Horizon

Is Silicon Photonics a Disruptive Technology?

What to Expect in 2016?

Optical interconnects ready for blast-off; revenues will near $800 million by 2021

Optical components sales growth strong in 2015, despite weakness in capex and equipment sales

Transceivers for Mobile Fronthaul to Top $1 Billion by 2020

Will $600 Million Invested into AIM Photonics Improve the Profitability of Optics Suppliers?

Infinera Opens up to Silicon Photonics in Pursuit of a Broader Market

Optical Networking - Observations from NGON 2015

“Suspense” is how to describe the atmosphere at ECOC 2015

Avago selling its optical module business to Foxconn; what will it mean?

Strong finish expected for optical components in 2015

Small cells poised to make big splash in next few years

25GbE almost done; but more new Ethernet options are coming

Increasing investment into networking infrastructure by Web 2.0 companies offsets decline in capex of service providers in 2015.

The sky is the limit for the global FTTx market in 2015, but what should we expect in 2016-2020?

Scaling the mega-datacenter market opportunity -- Ethernet transceivers inside them and DWDM optics connecting them.

Solid results reported by optical component suppliers in Q1 2015 set up high expectations for the year.

From FTTx to FTTy and FTTz. Is the Global Market for FTTx Optical Components and Modules set for a second wave of growth in 2015-2020?

Is the Market for Embedded Optical Modules (EOMs) Taking off in 2015?

Why is sustainable profitability so challenging to achieve in the optical components and modules business?

Ethernet Technology Summit (ETS 2015) Connects the Dots Across Layers of the Industry, Market and Time

OFC 2015 - The Most Exciting and Intriguing Event in the Industry Since the Year 2000

Market Growth Picks up Again in Early 2015 After a Pause in the Second Half of 2014

Growing Investments of Web 2.0 Companies into Networking Infrastructure adds Excitement to the Market

Internet traffic growth is necessary, but not sufficient for sustaining the optical networking markets in 2015 and beyond