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The marvels of Marvell’s RAN and X-haul silicon technology

December 2021

On December 7, 2021, as I was flying back from Paris, France, semiconductor veteran Marvell Technology Inc. held its Industry Analyst Day, which showcased cutting-edge technologies covering a wide range of verticals including data center, enterprise networking, carrier infrastructure, and automotive. In just a few hours, Marvell walked us through vast transformative areas that form the pillars of our future world.

As Figure 1 demonstrates, 2021 was packed with a series of unabated accomplishments and milestones that not only keep Marvell in the leadership board but also cement the company’s market position for the next decade or so. Overall, Marvell is firing on all cylinders and in this note, I’m solely focusing on RAN, vRAN and open RAN/vRAN silicon solutions that reside in Marvell’s Carrier Infrastructure business as my LightCounting teammates Vlad and Devan are taking care of the rest in a separate research note.

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