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Progress and surprises in many areas at CIOE 2023

September 2023

China’s International Optoelectronic Exposition – CIOE, was held in Shenzhen from September 6th to 8th, 2023, and set a new attendance record with 108,063 visitors and over 3000 exhibitors, 20% more than in 2021. For the first time an executive reception offering a panoramic view of Shenzhen was held on the 71st floor of the Raffles Hotel on the night before the 3 day CIOE.

Several LightCounting analysts were very actively involved, and this research note details key announcements and takeaways from the show, including the following:
  • PAM4 DSP: Credo highlighted a PAM4 DSP for 50G PON and 400G/800G applications, and Sitrus - a domestic Chinese PAM4 DSP vendor - also attracted lots of traffic at the show.
  • SIP: A growing number of new vendors making SiP chips and optical engines came out of stealth mode, exhibiting at CIOE for the first time.
  • LPO: Most of the leading optics vendors - Hisense, Accelink, HGG, Linktel, Hisilicon, Innolight, Eoptolink, CIG and TriLight - introduced or had live demos of 400G and 800G Linear Pluggable Optics-based transceivers, including DR4/DR8/SR8 and 2XFR4 variants. The highlight was the live demo from Innolight and Yuanjie since the demonstration was running on the latest switch developed by Tencent and H3C.
  • CPO: Tencent exhibited a 25.6T CPO switch in a live demo. This switch was announced a year ago.
  • AI: Tencent introduced its TCS9500 switch for AI clusters, which Tencent developed using Broadcom’s 51T switch ASIC. Tencent was the one and only cloud company that exhibited at CIOE.
  • PON: Tri-mode 50G PON OLTs gained more attention from vendors at the show.

Some of the more notable surprises at the show included:

  • The first live demonstration of 100G VCSEL by Berxel – a start-up co-founded by Prof. Connie Chang-Hasnain from the University of California at Berkley.
  • The first public live demo of a 200G EML by Banyan – a domestic Chinese start-up founded in 2020.

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