December 2019 AOC EOM Report

December 2019


Product Description

This two-part reportexamines the optical interconnect segments that have long served as data bridges between elements of large systems or clusters.

The active optical cable (AOC) product segmentembeds optical transceiver technologies into enclosed cables that hide the high-speed optics behind two transceiver ends with an electrical interconnect presented to the outside. This factor enables creating high aggregate data rate links at costs significantly below that of two separate connectorized transceivers and fibers.

This report also examines the product segment that embeds optical interconnect technologies insidecomputer and communication systems with on-board or embedded optical modules (EOMs). As data rates continue to ramp, signal losses increase to the point that the effective reach of copper cabling and PCB traces on circuit boards shrinks considerably. Intra-system optical interconnects started at 2.5Gb/s two decades ago and have grown slowly to 50Gb/s interconnect fabrics, enabling massively-scalable multi-chassis systems from supercomputers to core routers. Proprietary interconnects are now supported by embedded optical modules and MSA-based active optical cables and transceivers, such as CXP. 

At 25Gb/s and beyond, the amount of signal compensating electronics needed is growing along with cost and power consumption. When speed, reach, interconnect density and power limitations align to exceed the limits of copper, optical interconnects are finding use to support the next generations of system equipment.

Presented are data on annual AOC and EOM shipments, revenues and average selling prices for 2016-2018 and we forecast the market for 2019-2024. We analyze technologies, market trends, protocol transitions, data rates, and MSAs for InfiniBand, Ethernet and other protocols. Application segments are reviewed in detail and 20 categories of products are individually tracked, forecasted and mapped into four application segments: High Performance Computing (HPC), Core Routing & Optical Transport, cloud (datacenter), and lastly Military/Aerospace/Other applications. 

The report is based on confidential sales information and detailed analysis of publicly available data released by leading component and equipment manufacturers. It incorporates new information from numerous interviews across both the supply chain and the consumption side of the industry.

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DateDecember 2019
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