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April 2024 Ethernet, Infiniband and Optical Switches for Cloud Datacenters

April 2024

Report Abstract

This report offers analysis and a forecast for the most interesting segment of the switching ASIC market – high bandwidth (3.2T and above), low latency chips deployed in Cloud datacenters. In addition to Ethernet switches, the report now includes InfiniBand and Optical Circuit Switch markets.  It excludes products developed for enterprise and telecom networks as well as switch ASICs developed for routers.

Demand for Ethernet switches from Cloud companies created a new market segment for very high bandwidth switches and switch ASICs. It also transformed the industry supply chain as Cloud companies started using internally designed Ethernet switches and opening these “white box” designs to a broader community.

Increasing focus on AI applications, boosted demand for low latency InfiniBand switches. Google also disclosed their work on using optical circuit switches to improve performance, while reducing cost and power consumption of AI Clusters. We expect both solutions to be widely adopted by the industry.

The report offers brief profiles of the leading suppliers of merchant switch ASIC and system integrators, offering products to Cloud companies, and includes a forecast for sales of 25.6T-and-above switch ASICs with co-packaged optics (CPO).

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Vladimir Kozlov

About the Author

Vladimir Kozlov, Founder and CEO

Vladimir Kozlov is the founder and CEO of LIGHTCOUNTING, an optical communications market research company.

LightCounting was established in 2004 with an objective of providing in-depth coverage of market and technologies for high speed optoelectronic interfaces employed in communications. By now, the company employs a team of industry experts and offers comprehensive coverage of optical communications supply chain.

Dr. Kozlov has more than 20 years of experience in optoelectronics, optical communications and market research. Dr. Kozlov held market analyst, product development and research staff positions at RHK Inc., Lucent Technologies and Princeton University.

Dr. Kozlov holds several US patents and has numerous publications in the area of optoelectronics. He received M. Sc. at Moscow State University in Russia and Ph. D in Physics at Brown University in the United States.

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