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July 2023 Mega Data Center Optics

July 2023

Report Abstract

This report analyzes the impact of Mega Datacenters on the market for Ethernet and DWDM optical transceivers. It leverages extensive historical data on shipments of these products, combined with market analyst research, to make projections for the market in 2023-2028. The report offers a comprehensive forecast for more than 60 product categories, starting with 10G
and up to 1.6T DWDM and Ethernet transceivers, sorted by reach, form factors. This data is segmented into three main applications: telecom, enterprise and cloud. It includes detailed models for sales of optical transceivers to the top 5 US-based and top 5 Chinese Cloud companies, including: Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft;
Alibaba, Baidu, Bytedance, Huawei and Tencent.
The report is based on confidential sales information provided by optical components vendors, as well as detailed analysis of publicly available data released by leading component and equipment manufacturers along with considerable input from industry experts.

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Vladimir Kozlov

About the Author

Vladimir Kozlov, Founder and CEO

Vladimir Kozlov is the founder and CEO of LIGHTCOUNTING, an optical communications market research company.

LightCounting was established in 2004 with an objective of providing in-depth coverage of market and technologies for high speed optoelectronic interfaces employed in communications. By now, the company employs a team of industry experts and offers comprehensive coverage of optical communications supply chain.

Dr. Kozlov has more than 20 years of experience in optoelectronics, optical communications and market research. Dr. Kozlov held market analyst, product development and research staff positions at RHK Inc., Lucent Technologies and Princeton University.

Dr. Kozlov holds several US patents and has numerous publications in the area of optoelectronics. He received M. Sc. at Moscow State University in Russia and Ph. D in Physics at Brown University in the United States.

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