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January 2021 A Few Predictions for 2021

January 2021


January 12, 2021

Happy New Year to everyone! As we start the second year of this decade, now is the right time to explore what this new year has in store for telecoms. Looking at what happened in 2020 and how things are already shaping up, here is what we at LightCounting came up with:

- The 6G momentum accelerates: ITU-R begins that work sometime this year

- Ericsson joins the World Economic Forum/McKinsey Industry 4.0 Global Lighthouse Network

- Smart cities go bust

- 5G open RAN and vRAN pilots and testing mushroom

- Added on top of 5G open RAN and vRAN testing, the “rip & replace” will reshape the vendor ecosystem

- SD-RAN reaches commercial deployment

- Full-blown 5G core SBA architecture goes mainstream

- Disaggregation ramps up

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