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March 2023 Beam Calibration is in Cohere Technologies’ DNA

March 2023


Stéphane Téral’s Perspective on Cohere Technologies’ novel solution

I wonder what Claude Shannon would think while seeing a perfect totally cleaned-up and calibrated communications channel like those Cohere Technologies offer with its novel software named Dynamic Network Alignment (DNA)? As reported by the communications service providers (CSPs) that tested it, this novel software enables successful zero touch multi-user multiple input multiple output (MU-MIMO) calibration.

One year after successfully launching its Universal Spectrum Multiplier (USM) that provides substantial spectral efficiencies, the DNA software comes as an USM add on to address real-time perturbations, which unaddressed, can seriously degrade the end-to-end cellular network performance and deteriorate the user experience.

What’s remarkable is that all cellular systems’ 5G antennas in the world are initially set to perform accordingly to specific sets of parameters before going live. In the wireless jargon, we talk about “antenna calibration.”

However, once the antennas are calibrated, the job is considered “complete” and no additional interventions or actions are deemed to be necessary. But the issues are: today’s 5G antenna calibration, as an installation activity, is not sufficient to support dynamic orthogonal beam forming in a MU-MIMO environment, whether TDD or FDD. The reason is that the beams are continuously affected by a flurry of factors including thermal expansion and contraction, extreme weather, component aging, impedance mismatches related to corrosion, aging and failing connectors, manufacturing variations and other undetected subsystem variations. As a result, as soon as this calibration effort ends, the system starts to drift away from its initial settings and becomes uncalibrated (see Figure 1)! What DNA does is ensure that the beam pattern remains always calibrated in any propagation conditions...

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Stéphane Téral, Chief Analyst
Developed in cooperation with Cohere Technologies

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